Totoro's rants

Totoro's rants

Happiness is a state of mind

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sun, November 04, 2007 15:13:52
Found some pictures from March 2007 on the mobile phone while I was loading it with music and Japanese lessons.

This part of the vacation, I am not looking forward to. The following pictures were taken after 7½ hours flight and just a few hours before arriving at Narita airport.

Blog Image
The words, forced smiles, not only spring to mind, but they actually jump up and down on your head.

Blog Image
This guy clearly shows how he feels about the situation, and shoving a camera into his face is not really making it any better.

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Trip planning VI

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Thu, October 25, 2007 22:42:29
I feel there is still a need to prepare a few maps with interesting locations. Mainly for: Nokogiriyama (because it can be rather 'tiring' to get lost there), Yokohama (the area is rather large), Kawagoe (I would like to see everything), Mt. Takao and last, but not least, Nikko. Although I hope I can find some ready-to-use maps, or as an alternative just print out the Google map and wing it.

For the rest of the suggestions I have the maps in the excellent Time Out Tokyo guide book (yet another guide book - I seem to collect them, although not intentionally).

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New colour scheme

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sat, October 13, 2007 22:37:28
I am experimenting a bit with a new colour scheme that is more CO2 friendlysmiley

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Trip planning V

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sat, October 13, 2007 20:23:48
I have copied all the trip suggestions to my soon-to-come website linked here for easier access.

Only difference at the moment, is that the 2 Google maps are now embedded (makes it easier). I will update the 'old' or rather up till now existing 17 suggestions on those pages. It seems to messy to edit the postings in this blog. Any more suggestions (and at least one is still to come, Nikko) will first be posted in this blog and then copied to the website.

The link to the other pages on the web site have been disabled, they are not quite ready yet.

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Kulturnatten in Copenhagen

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Fri, October 12, 2007 22:36:33
Two words: Bl**dy cold.

Blog Image
It seems some kind of culinary explosion is going on in his mouth. Was there chili enough in the dog?

Blog Image
Centergarden of Copenhagen town hall.

Blog Image
Burning wood in the Botanic garden.

These were taken with the Canon Ixy 1000. I should have brought my other camera. Nah, it was simply to cold to take pictures.

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Trip planning IV

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Mon, October 08, 2007 23:04:59
Have updated trips #1 Kamakura and #14 Kanda with links to Google Maps, where I have put placemarks for the must-see locations. Especially in Kamakura there is a lot to visit.

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Folding Clothes

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sun, September 30, 2007 11:38:48
Four quick moves and the t-shirt is folded, and even I can do this. I might actually find some use for my drawers after all.

Blog Image
Found the link on a PCWorld blog. The link to the YouTube video is here.

Now, what am I going to do about all the stuff I have in my drawers at the moment?smiley

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Trip planning III

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sat, September 29, 2007 20:27:47
Down to one suggestion for a trip, that is still to come: Nikko.

I have added kmz files for the trips that were missing those, except for Shimokitazawa (Trip #10). Because I have no clue where that is, so that is probably going to be interesting if we go there.

Still missing are some suggestions on events like theater, music and museums, and on restaurants as well.

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