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Totoro's rants

End of Palm

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sat, April 05, 2008 23:52:01
Since the first days of '97 and until yesterday, I have been using PDA's with the PalmOS, going through Palm 5000 variations, Handspring, Tungsten and finally the Palm Tx. But after more than 11 years, I got tired of Palm not delivering a better OS. Frankly I have been using the same OS with variations for all those years and it has done its jobs, although its limitations became more and more apparent in the later years. But in the end I decided it was time to move on.

Unfortunately with the state of things as they are at the moment, this means Windows Mobile 6 (Google Android is still a somewhat 'wet' dream in the coming), and due to my circumstances, this means a Motorola Q9h. The Q9h was quite a bit more cheaper than the Palm Tx, and it is part phone so I need to carry less around.

But I am really dependent on a number mobile applications like the calendar, datashield (password manager), metro (train routes for many cities) and contacts in the Palm, so I need to get the data from those applications moved to the WM6 device (and I really, really dislike Outlook, so that is out of the question, except on the WM6 device). This turned out to require a bit of effort, which I will report in a couple of postings in the following weeks, that will describe my journey into the new world (for me) of a Windows Mobile 6 device.

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