Totoro's rants

Totoro's rants

Touch of Death

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sun, July 27, 2008 03:10:56
Been quiet lately on this blog.

It may have been noticed that a couple of postings ago, there suddenly was a copyright marking on a photo, and then in the following posts, there was not any copyright stamp. Of course I still claim copyright, but what happened was that my PC crashed, and as of now I am still trying to get all my software back and up to date on a new (let us call it that, since the only thing remaining is the case, and the displays, keyboard and mouse) PC. But today the keyboard decided to give up (Logitech cable-less keyboard / mouse combination), so I am writing on a backup keyboard until I get a replacement next week. I must have caught some kind of 'touch of death', because at the moment I kill off electronics on a weekly basis.

What is coming the next couple of weeks are trip plans for the next Japan vacation happening towards the end of the year. It is going to be a week in the Tokyo region and a week in the Kansai region, the later with base in Osaka. Also have gotten a few gadgets (beside the new Nikon lens), eg. 'The Sanctuary', which I probably will write a bit about once I have it unpacked. I have had it for nearly 2½ weeks, I think, but it arrived just when my PC gave up so it has been in waiting position until I have a stable PC environment again (all my needed software installed and running).

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