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Day 1 : Tokyo

JapanPosted by Totoro42Blue Tue, October 28, 2008 17:10:49
After having used a direct SAS flight from Copenhagen to Narita (Tokyo) the last 2 times, the opportunity arose (because it is basically half price of the SAS ticket) to fly to Kansai Airport (Osaka) with Finnair instead this time. Unfortunately this means a longer travelling time as it requires a stopover in Helsinki, and as we wanted to go to Tokyo as well, there is an additional 3 hours Shinkansen train travelling time after arrival in Osaka.

Well the flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki was pretty eventless altough the flight number was 666 (number of the beast) and we sat on row 13. The start was a bit omnious though as it was very very hot (warming up for hellsmiley) in the airplane as we boarded, it became cool though as the plane took to the air. On arrival in Helsinki (not a very big airport) the Osaka flight was already announced as delayed though, so it became a 2 hour wait in Helsinki.

The Finnair flight was in a Boeing MD11 (sorry, crappy aircraft, 3-4-2 seating arrangement in economy and only shared video screens) which had the 'feel' of low-budget air service. Except not being able to sleep again (got the only couple in the plane who needed to have the lights on and talk all through the 'night' behind us), but fortunately they showed 'Incredible Hulk' (sorry a bit boring, liked the first version better, 'Shaolin Girl' only so-so (but at least something nice to look at) and 'Bee Season (why did they make this movie?), so there was some distraction. Got the center seat, not a good one when one has slight physical issues which require some toilet attention occasionally (by the way only 3 toilets for the whole economy section - are Boeing planes crappy and badly designed or what? - so there was basically always a queue!). Otherwise Finnair provides quite a nice and cheap air service, food was actually better than what SAS provides on the same long route.

Arriving at Kansai Airport (the one built in the water, did not have the energy to take out my camera but there were some really nice photo opportunities, definitely need to try to take some pictures on the way back), the fingerprinting and phototaking went smoothely. Only a slight problem at customs as I had to unlock and open suitcase for inspection (The customs officer asked if I was travelling together with anyone, I pointed him out, she took one look and demanded I open my suitcase - yeah he looks suspect), but that went quickly. Then proceeded to get JR Railway pass, reservations from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka and from there on the Hiraki Shinkansen to Tokyo with arrival at 15:10 local time. Had of course forgot which route to take on the Yamanote line to get to Kanda station, but guessed right. Got confused slightly after Kanda, but found Gimmond Hotel quickly enough.

The hotel had changed from wireless connection to wired connection and I had of course forgot my network cable, so an excuse to go shopping in Akihabara (although had intended to do so anyway).

But first went to the local 7-11 to get some supplies.
Blog ImageThe Pocky MIKAN with orange flavour are really nice! Must buy a supply to bring home. The Ghana chocolate is nice and creamy (not too much though). The sandwiches ended up being Tuesday evening dinner as we were too tired to bother to go out and eat on our way home from Akihabara.

Went to Yodobashi-Akiba to buy a network cable, which is a challenge in itself to find there as anyone who knows the size of the place will know. Well with some directions found and bought and it was unfortunately the only thing that I bought today. Had some look at some prices of cameras and iTouch, but it seems rather expensive with the current 16 to 1 exchange rate to the Danish krone, not sure if there is much to save buying cameras and electronics in Japan if they are available in Denmark anyhow. Then took a quick browse down Chuo Dori in Akihabara and went home to sleep. Finally.

And woke up around midnight again for a snack or two. Had fortunately also bought something to drink.
Blog ImageBlendy being the usual milk-coffee combination (which I like), whereas the Kirin had a very nutty-creamy taste, where the judgement is still open.

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