Totoro's rants

Totoro's rants

Day 1 : Tokyo

JapanPosted by Totoro42Blue Sat, November 10, 2007 14:00:32
After one of the worst ever SAS flights, which I think we would rather prefer to forget everything about.

I will certainly look for alternatives to SAS in the future, rather than travel again with a bunch of inconsiderate, arrogant, self-centered, middle-aged and drunk group of men, and SAS personnel that refuses to do anything about it, but instead continues to serve alcohol to them.

And we are not talking about the 2 guys in the front of this picture.

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A much nicer picture taken out of the window.

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The 2 above pictures are courtesy of Helle.

Enough about the flight.

Unfortunately on arrival in Narita we were more or less totally bushed. Though we had a good timing for the limited express from Narita to Tokyo Central. After an interesting walk across the Central station not during rush hour, but there were quite a lot of people, and the subsequent walk to the Hotel Gimmond. Following a quick move by Helle and Anders to another room, as the first room had been inhabited just previously by a heavy smoker, otherwise we had the same rooms as last time. Which means I have the same room and they have moved to a different and a bit more noisy floor. Some people have all the luck.

After a couple of hours rest (not all that much sleep), we proceeded late in the afternoon to Akihabara, where Anders began the shopping spree. As we were wearing down we only managed 2 shops, the Yodabashi and the largest Sofmap. Going back home I decided to skip a restaurant visit and go directly for the local 7-11.

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The other 2 gave up fairly quickly after realizing that it was after 8 in the evening on a friday, and the chances of finding a restaurant with room might require some search. So they ended up like this.Though it is my rice triangle (with seaweed and chili on the table in the back, that was all I could get down with my stomach trouble.

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All in all an eventless arrival in Tokyo. Tomorrow we will (probably) have a go at Ikebukuro, Harajuku and Shibuya.

Raw and unsorted photos from this day are available here.

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