Totoro's rants

Totoro's rants

Day 10 : Tokyo

JapanPosted by Totoro42Blue Tue, November 27, 2007 22:17:57
Lesson, give exact specifications on whether it is the train or the Narita bus you want to get to with the cab. Otherwise one can get a small tour of the (eternal rebuilding) that is Tokyo Central Station, and that is not fun if you are lugging some rather heavy luggage around. Well this time we found out where the JR entry point is on the map, so hopefully next time I will have less problems.

Got to buy a few souvenirs at the Airport, among other things a Kokeshi doll (more about this later on) and a little load of different Pocky's.

As on the trip over, the plane was filled up, so no extra spare seat.


A lesson from this is to write the diary soon after coming home, otherwise it gets less and less detailed and much of the interesting stuff has been forgotten.

A fair amount of the suggested trips (around half) were 'touched' and fully or partially done. I regret not seeing Kamakura, but Mt. Takao was a quite worthwhile exchange.
Next time it will probably only be partially Tokyo, but there is still Kamakura and Nikko (this might be a possible tour guided one). There are still lots and lots of small gardens and parks for me to find, also did not get to see 'old' Tokyo. One thing is sure though that Akihabara is not quite worth so much of an effort, might as well just visit Yodobashi and maybe Sofmap and one of the other shops there, the rest was much less interesting this time. Then there is the seeing crafts part that has not been touched yet... And I will definitely walk/climb Mt. Fuji at some time.

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