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NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sun, January 06, 2008 09:00:46
I have been really slow getting into this RSS feeds thingy. Tried it a couple of times over the years, but never found a way for getting a really good user friendly display.

But during the last half year or so, I have really gotten into following a lot of blogs and some of those are sometimes not updated for weeks on end, or in some cases, months. So time to look into RSS feeds again. As I primarily use Firefox and Thunderbird they were the obvious choices:

Firefox: You have Live Bookmarks (Bookmarks->Subscribe to this page...). This adds a folder for that RSS feed to your bookmarks, where the latest news is shown as seperate items.

Unfortunately, I would like to have access to the main blog page as well, but to do so it seems I need to make a seperate bookmark for that. Also it seems I need to open the RSS feed folder to see any updates, and no indication of what is new.

Thunderbird: Add a News & Blogs account (you can have several) and start adding subscriptions to that (goto subscriptions page on the blog, copy link, paste link when adding the feed to the account - seems to work best for me). It is possible to control how often the RSS Feeds are checked.

Opening the News & Blogs account folder, where the feeds have been added, will immediately show if any of the feeds have been updated - nice. You get an audio indication (if enabled for mail received) when a new entry has been added for one of the feeds you have subscribed to. But where the mail folder will have a small star next to it indicating new mail, there is no such indication for a News & Blogs folder - unfortunately.


So for the moment, I am using Thunderbird for the RSS Feeds of the blogs that I do not visit so often or that only are updated once in a while. In addition to that, I use the same account folder name as a folder name in Firefox, where the same blogs have been added as in the Thunderbords feeds folder, so that I have the main blog page easily accessible in Firefox for browsing. For the moment that seems to work best for me - but I will keep looking for the ideal RSS Feed lister...

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