Totoro's rants

Totoro's rants

Plans, plans, plans

NowherePosted by Totoro42Blue Sun, January 06, 2008 01:48:25
After a year for site without incident at this web hosting provider, I have decided to move my other domain to this web hosting provider as well. Saving a bit of money in the process as the old provider costs about 4 times as much per year as the new one.

The site has mainly been used for the cats diary (in Danish) and the idea is to initially just move that over as is, and then start to move the diary to a Wordpress based blog.

The Totoro's rants blog will remain as is until I have done my experimenting with the cats diary. Then the rants blog will probably be moved to Wordpress as well.

The Totoro's home webpages need to be expanded. I would especially like to get the diaries for the Japan trips and planning set up and available. I need to do something about the photo hosting as well, seperating it into a public and private area.

And I need to buy a house this year.

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